Chimedimare Chimedimare srl was established by Capt. Adelio Pompei in 1967, in Genoa-Italy as a national branch of the American Steuber group of companies.

Its role was to take care of the logistic and distribution of the Group's activities in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean sea. In 1973, Chimedimare became independent from the American group and, thanks to the will and specific know-how of its founder as former Master Mariner on tankers and managing director in Italian petrochemical companies, maintained and expanded its activities in the crude oil and petroleum products, in chemicals and gas transport, both in terms of operated tonnage as well as related competitive ship-broking.

With the experience gathered through the years, we are proud to have among our clients in the bulk chemical and oil tanker business a number of first class Owners, Charterers, Operators and Traders for a wide variety of services ranging from straight ship-broking activities to more articulated tailor-made integrated logistic solutions and active management of their Supply Chain Our fields of action in tanker chartering includes chemicals, inorganic acids, lubricating oils , bio-fuels and vegetable oils with main focus on the European and Mediterranean markets but extended, for account of our direct and/or exclusive Charterers to the Altlantic basin as well as East.

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